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(ASOS Velvet Booties)

Velvet clothing might remind you of childhood vampire tales or rich old men in their libraries but it’s time to change your perception. Velvet hit the runway earlier this year and it hasn’t slowed down since. Brands ranging from Stella McCartney to Zara are embracing velvet as the new ‘it’ fabric. Before you welcome this trend into your closet, it is important to understand the different variations of velvet.

Velvet is referencing the structure of the material instead of the fiber which is normally wool or cotton. If you look at the underside, you will be able to tell if the foundation is wool or cotton. The soft plush front is actually the pile of the fabric thus categorizing it as velvet. There are different variations of velvet and each depends on the way the material was manipulated during manufacturing. Crushed velvet is created when the material is twisted while wet, leaving a permanent distressed effect. Devore is developed by chemically burning pieces of the pile to show the base material. This technique is most common in interior design to create patterns and new textures. Below you can see three different variations that are trending: traditional silk, crushed, and devore velvet


Take note on how some of your favorite influencers are styling velvet. From slip dresses to blazers, this trend will easily help you transition from season to season.

honestly mina velvet trend



Here are some ideas to get you started on inviting velvet to your wardrobe.

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