It’s been a month since New Years resolutions were decided, but this year, maintaining them will be different. Whatever your goal is, whether it is fitness or not, remember you are worth it to keep trying. It might be a struggle at first, but you’re stronger than you think!

Motivating ourselves can be hard if we are not working out with friends or setting goals as a team, so make the most out of the little things. I get excited to go to the gym so I can snag my favorite machine before the crowds or to grab coffee afterwards as a reward. If this doesn’t work for you, try setting a goal to work out “x” times a week and when you complete that goal, treat yourself! Indulge in an acai bowl or vamp up your gym gear with activewear essentials.

Don’t forget the importance of activewear. Experiment with different looks to bring your workout to another level. How you dress is a significant influence on your mood. For me, dressing up to workout is a great motivation for myself because it gives me a sense of purpose and an added boost of confidence.

Check out my favorite finds below to make your resolutions exciting year-round, no matter your budget!

You got this –

THE ESSENTIALS (under $50)

TREAT YOURSELF (under $150)


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