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I’ve always loved the edgy feel of platinum hair. An all black outfit with a pop of ash white coloring… timeless yet current.
Before grey was the it color, stylists would encourage me to stick with warm tones because they liked it more. Umm… that’s not what I asked for. Even if it looks bad, please just try it my way. Anyone else have this problem??
Thankfully my current hair stylist shares my love for platinum.

Before I found her, I relied solely on violet shampoo treatments. Most did not let the color process long enough so I’ve gone from orange to lemon yellow to strawberry blonde with in a matter of months. No one quiet understood the look I wanted so I ended up looking like every fruit in a produce aisle.
Damaged, both physically and emotionally, I turned to at-home toners that would help transform my brassy shades. That is when I discovered the wonders of violet shampoo. I’ve used several brands before but nothing has held a candle to TIGI’s Catwalk Fashionista Shampoo.

I rarely review products because there are few that have truly transformed my beauty routine like this shampoo has. GUYS. If your locks are turning an unforgiving brass hue, go buy this now. Side note: The sales rep encouraged me to use try the coordinating conditioner but honestly, I did not see a difference. Just get the shampoo, it is effective on its own.

Think about the color wheel. The opposite color from yellow is purple. The two balance one another. So when you use violet shampoo there is a pigment in the formula which will neutralize brassy, yellow tones. The red and yellow tones are muted because blue and purple tones are added to the hair. This is how people with bright yellow/white hair can turn platinum after a few washes with purple shampoo.

Only use violet shampoo when your hair needs it because the formula can be strong. Definitely turned my hair purple at one point but it was a subtle color change and was actually really beautiful– so for those of you coveting Nicole Richie’s color, try purple shampoo first for a less permanent option.
You can leave TIGI’s shampoo on for up to 10 minutes. The time depends on how much attention your hair needs. What is great about purple shampoo is you can use it almost like a spot treatment on dry hair as well, so before you get in the shower, if you have a few highlighted sections you want to brighten instead of toning everything, section off pieces and apply generously. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then jump in the shower to wash off.

Super simple but makes a world of difference!

TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo

This post is not support by TIGI, I just truly love their product. All opinions are my own.

Let me know what your experience was with the product or what other techniques you use for maintaining your ashy locks!



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